Waste management 101 – let’s just do our part!

As part of our school’s initiatives regarding our ‚future week‘ project students of 8C set out to ‚relaunch‘ an already existing concept of waste management, also in the hope of adding some muscle to a while essential still at times obviously feeble effort, especially as far as the actual participation by students was concerned.

Indeed, looking into the past it often seemed as if both those who produced that waste as well as those tasked with processing it for MA 48 collection, couldn’t care less about using the containers provided in an appropriate manner, in cases blaming each other’s side for not properly handling them, all of that leading to a partial  failure at least in achieving the desirable result. 

However, since being part of the project was all about being part of creating a better future in terms of a more sustainable one, our focus was not on past failures but on trying to improve the current situation by giving the students themselves another opportunity to do their part.

The idea was for small teams of 8C students to simply walk from classroom  to classroom raising awareness about the subject and briefly instructing students about where to correctly dispose of their trash while also refurbishing the respective containers, wherever needed.

In addition, our ‚garbage activists‘ attached information leaflets explaining the concept in the most simple way in order to allow for proper mental processing by every student. Needless to say that the success of such an  effort also depends on the support  local teaching staff is willing to provide by checking on the containers now and then and reminding the students of their important roles.  For those who might feel inclined to believe that based on our experiences so far all that still sounds like fantasy I should add:  let‘ s just remind ourselves  that even small steps can finally add up  and our small contributions may  not be in vain after all.

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