English Cambridge Certificate

The elective subject ‘ English Cambridge Certificate’ caters for advanced students of English only. Those of you who still have difficulties with English may feel bored and demotivated.

This elective subject is not eligible for your Matura.

We constantly do practice tests (Language in Use, Reading, Listening, Writing, Speaking), developing strategies for solving items, or writing different kinds of texts, preparing students for the C1 exam which is the ultimate aim of this WPF.
We usually also attend a performance at the English Theatre, a lecture at Amerikahaus, or go to the movies.

You will be assigned written homework once or twice a semester. Regular attendance is necessary, and you will be graded.

Really good students do the C1 exam after one year, others in their second year only, and some just use it as preparation for taking it at a later point of time.

Exam fee (at The Cambridge Institute, Vienna) currently 235,-

If you would like to see what EC is like, just send me an e-mail (marianne.findeis@grg3.at) and join the lesson in school on a Tuesday 14:05 – 15:45). In case we are still in distance learning, I will add you to the E-EC group on Teams.

Marianne Findeis